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From the Nov. 9-15, 2019 Process class, aka the “Atomic Love Bomb” class

atomic love bombWhen we heard of the devastating fire at our beloved Hoffman Process site, White Sulphur Springs, our class (Nov. 9-15, 2019) – known to ourselves internally as the “Atomic Love Bomb” – rallied and committed to come together as a group and support the rebuilding of White Sulphur Springs. We, like all who have taken the Hoffman Process, know how important the mission is, and the impact it has for each succeeding group.

A Deep Sense of Honor

We also each carry a deep sense of honor and respect for the grounds and facilities that are White Sulphur Springs, recognizing the impact that the humble and magnificent space had on each of our transformations. Our memories and visualizations are still filled with images of the labyrinth, the hiking trail, the bunk rooms, the upstairs bashing room, hot tub socializations, silence- and eye contact-filled lunches, meditations by the owl and in the trees, and our modest room accommodations.

With this in mind, our class was determined to raise funds collectively and contribute to rebuilding White Sulphur Springs.

Spreading Our Light

Since the fires started raging in September, we began our efforts with a goal of raising $10,000. We thought if we could collectively raise $10,000, then what if we challenged EACH and EVERY class to pool their money and match our $10k goal? Ultimately, and beyond expectations, we ended up raising a total of $41,160 as a group to date! We want to encourage every other Hoffman graduating class, or individuals from any class, to match and hopefully exceed our donation.

Will you and your class accept the challenge? Can you come back together as a group to support the organization that transformed your life? Can you get to $41,160? Or exceed it?

“Atomic Love Bomb”

As our good friend Sami once said, “We hope to drop an Atomic Love Bomb on the world to spread our love and our light.”

In the absence of mass change and Atomic Love, we still try to do our part within every moment to make an impact. We know this donation is just a start to what we can do to continue to support the organization that helped build the future of all of our lives. We hope this can go toward a rebuilding fund for WSS, and we also hope that we are invited back someday to help with the actual construction, too!

If you would like to accept the challenge from the “Atomic Love Bomb” class, please email Miranda Domenico at mbarnhart13@msn.com, or call her at 720-854-9210.

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  • Rick Gaffney


    11/09/20 at 4:24 PM

    I admire the “Love Bombers” and support their mission and goals.
    Perhaps the following falls into the “duh!” category, but I wanted to be sure it was on the table. Climate change will likely deliver to White Sulfur Springs, more fire events, so it would be wise to rebuild with that fact in mind. Fortunately, University of California Berkeley has immense expertise in this realm, and likely there are engineers, architects and planners who can assure that the new Hoffman facilities are built to withstand future fire challenges.
    With Love & Light

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