Embody Compassion and Forgive Yourself and Others

Path of Fierce Compassion & Forgiveness

It takes great strength and courage to embody compassion and step into forgiving yourself and others. In this program, you will learn the power of taking full responsibility for your life. You will also learn how to experience greater emotional freedom.
In this virtual 2-day experiential program, you will explore the meaning of true compassion and forgiveness for self and others. Forgiveness comes from understanding that behaviors are a result of patterns, which is not the same as forgive and forget. By forgiving and remembering, rather than forgetting, we learn discernment and healthy boundaries, as well as compassion for others and ourselves.

  • Tuition: $495 USD*
  • Special Tuition Rate: $350 USD*, clicking here will take you to the US website for more information and to register
  • Scholarship support available

*Pricing for USA-based programs is in US Dollars, as they are based out of the USA; these include virtual, graduate, and coaching programs.

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