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If you’re reading this, you probably know what the Hoffman Process is and what it is about. You likely have experienced its benefits. Do you know, though, that the Hoffman Institute used the Quadrinity™ symbol until the early 2000s?

What Is the Quadrinity?

Quadrinity symbolBob Hoffman, founder of the Hoffman Quadrinity Process, coined the word Quadrinity. The word represents the four aspects of a human being – Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, and Spiritual. The Hoffman Quadrinity symbol was then designed to represent the wholeness of self.

The circle is seen as the body, which encompasses the Spiritual Self that is represented by the large vertical diamond in the middle. The two smaller horizontal diamond shapes represent a person’s emotional and intellectual selves.

Balancing All Aspects

The idea is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each aspect of self is dependent on the other. Without the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual part of self, the body is just a shell existing in this world. Bob wrote in A Path to Personal Freedom and Love, “It is the balance of all aspects working together harmoniously that fulfills us as human beings.”

Our Hoffman App was redesigned in the last year. At that time, we incorporated the Quadrinity symbol into the look and feel of the app. With the Process helping many more people over the past few years (we are constantly at capacity a few months in advance), it made sense to bring back this symbol of unity and embodiment.

Power of the Process

New websiteTherefore, you will start to see the Quadrinity symbol in our updated logo on our newly designed website, on all our program materials, and more. Anyone who did the Process up until the early 2000s can tell you that seeing this symbol more than likely brings back the power of the Process.

Symbolism is an integral part of the Process, as well as life in general. Symbols surround us throughout our lives. They represent spirituality, morality, and ethics, as well as play, entertainment, and our family and community structure. Iconic symbols tend to evoke memories and feelings based on past encounters.

Healing Through Positivity

One of the things we strive to do in the Process is heal memories and feelings that continue to negatively trigger and stimulate us as adults. Having positive, present-day experiences and symbols is part of rewiring those past negative encounters. Understanding the meaning behind the Quadrinity symbol will hopefully allow you to maintain a connection to the healing power of your Process.

We invite you to take a look at our updated website. Along with incorporating the Quadrinity symbol into the look, we’ve worked hard to make the site more user friendly and accessible. We’re constantly looking at ways to make the Process and all our programs support you in becoming your authentic self – a spiritual being having a human experience.

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