The New Hoffman App Is Here!

Hello and Welcome to the Hoffman App

As you know, the transformational journey to discovering your authentic self does not end after the completion of a Hoffman program. Rather, it is just beginning. We want to continue supporting you today and far into the future. That is why we created this app, full of guidance, practices, and visualizations to inspire and help you achieve your personal goals. We like to think of it as “Hoffman in your pocket.”

While version one of our app is only available in the iOS App Store for all devices, the same 30-day integration program is available here, on a mobile optimized page, for all operating systems.

What You'll Find in this app – Dozens of Your Favorite Hoffman Tools and Practices

  • Quadrinity Check-In
  • Appreciation & Gratitude
  • Recycling & Rewiring
  • Visioning
  • Centering
  • Elevators
  • Expression

Your 30-Day, Post-Process Journey Includes

  • A new video message every day from a Hoffman teacher to help focus your practice
  • A 30-day program to make a habit of your mindfulness practice
  • Breathing exercise to help you relax and keep you present throughout the day
  • Helpful tips on how to re-enter your daily life after completing the Process

Thank You to Our Amazing Community of Graduates

You provided the insight and inspiration to create this app. And we’re just getting started! This is the first version of our new app; we have many exciting features and tools to share with you in the future. As always, we welcome your feedback. If you would like to share your thoughts, please email us at

Stay Tuned for Future Versions That Will Include

  • Feelings check ins and journaling
  • The ability to track your progress and time you spend meditating
  • A way to set up goals and reminders to keep yourself accountable
  • Connections with your group for even greater inspiration
  • More visualizations from your favorite teachers

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