Virtual Graduate Q2

Enhance Your Process Learning & Experience

Transform the challenges that hold you back from what you want in life now with the Virtual Graduate Q2. This 3-day program is for graduates of the week-long Hoffman Process.

  • Tuition: $650 USD*
  • Special Tuition Rate: $505 USD*, clicking here will take you to the US website for more information and to register
  • Scholarship support available
*Pricing for USA-based programs is in US Dollars, as they are based out of the USA; these include virtual, graduate, and coaching programs.
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The Virtual Graduate Q2 is a new way of utilizing the Process. You can isolate and have an immersive experience or you can be with family and friends in the evenings and experience the Process while in your real life, which can help you identify and apply the tools where you will be using them long-term.

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