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self-trust Gary ShunkBy Gary Shunk

I am always, always thrilled with the resonance and wisdom that takes place when I participate in Hoffman gatherings. I learn something each time. I find this very inspiring and it keeps me coming back. I am particularly amazed by resonance. I share openly, honestly, authentically, vulnerably – and it touches someone else. Someone else’s expression will resonate within me. Is anything better than that? I think not.

Quad Checks and Self-Trust

Back to the topic at hand: Quad Checks and Self-Trust. I participated in a virtual Denver grad group back in June. The topic was self-trust. That is something I can certainly learn more about. Then from out of the blue the following was presented: I can do a Quadrinity Check-In about a specific issue that I’m facing. WHAT? Did I miss that in the Process? Was I napping? Lights went on! Fireworks! This is amazing! That really stuck with me and lucky that it did.

The very next day, the bookstore that I work at asked that I come back into the store to do Tarot readings. The manager expressed that people seeking readings preferred that the readings take place in person, rather than virtually. I get that. With my new take on the Quad Check, I ran it through. “Should I go back and work at the bookstore during this time of COVID?” My body said “Nope.” My intellect said, “Not a good idea.” My emotional self said, “scary, dangerous, please don’t go back.” My Spiritual Self said, “That’s a hard no.” My spirit guide said, “Tell them thanks but no thanks.” 5 hard nos.

Trusting Myself

Then my dark side whispered “What about the money? You need it.” Reflecting back on the lesson on self-trust, I chose to listen to my Quadrinity and trust it. I called the bookstore and said that I won’t be going back. Trust. Trusting myself. YES!

Being in the flow is so powerful and amazing!

Gary Shunk lives in Louisville, Colorado, which is 12 minutes east of Boulder. Shortly after being laid off from his job of 20 years in May, 2018, he attended a party at a friend’s house in Boulder, where many Hoffman grads were in attendance. After talking with one grad for over an hour, Gary decided to do the Process, which he did in October, 2018.
Gary participates in the Boulder and Denver grad groups, and feels fortunate that there are SO MANY grads in the area. He is semi-retired and does virtual Tarot readings and teaches Tarot classes. He is also a Reiki Master Teacher, and is in the process of writing a book, 
Tarot – Reflections from Within.

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