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My heart opened my mind and my mind opened to the universe…

By Roxanne Joffe

I was floating in the COVID bubble for several months, insisting that I was a poster child of isolation. There were several, not so subtle, signs that may not have substantiated my claim. One in particular was an overzealous interest in learning about, tasting, and savoring wine. My days culminated in this new and intriguing activity, which did not go unnoticed by my husband Sam. It was then that Sam, a non-Hoffmanite, gave me a weekend Virtual Graduate Intensive (VGI) as a non-negotiable gift.

Accessing Me

My heart opened
Follow the Right Road

I realized then that I was in denial and was actually not facing my fears and demons. My patterns, along with my Dark Side, were well hidden under the COVID blanket of fear and it was now time for a reboot and to go in search of my elusive Spirit. I was not feeling like Me, and I guess Sam saw that and wanted Me to access the Me who returned from the Hoffman Process two years ago.

While participating in the VGI a few weeks ago, I realized to what extent I had given up on myself. It was on the second day that I welcomed the tears, and fell into the sadness that I had been denying myself. My spirit came out of hiding, my emotions were set free and comforted by my intellect, while my body provided a safe place for us to welcome what the universe was about to offer.

My heart opened
A bird leads the way

My Heart Opened

On the third and final day I took a forgiveness walk on the beach. Each step brought me closer to my truth, to the universal truth, and to the real me that always stands in the wings waiting to be invited in. It was then that the magic happened.

Walking along the shore, I started collecting shells to commemorate my journey on the right road. I was looking for the most perfect shells, unscathed by the storms – the right shape and the right size.

Heart opened
Perfectly imperfect shells

Worthy of the Right Road

It then occurred to me that the broken shells were just as beautiful. They carry scars that symbolize the reality of the ocean; the history of suffering and survival. Why would they not be worthy of the right road?

As I strolled to a remote area on the beach, the universe continued to offer me gifts – a bird crossed my path, chirping and beckoning me forward to a holy circle made out of twigs and shells.

My heart opened
The altar of shells

It was at this altar, this holy circle, that I renewed my vows and commitment:

May I forgive myself
May I be kind to myself
May I remain forever true to my love and light from this day forward and forevermore.

All photos by Roxanne Joffe ©2020

  • Ashley Kaiser


    07/27/20 at 4:20 PM

    This is beautiful Roxanne. Thank you for sharing. I did my Hoffman retreat the first week of February 2020… right before COVID started to shut everything down. I am so glad I did it prior to this pandemic… but I do still feel somewhat like a newborn baby still learning to walk the right road. Your piece gives me hope and inspiration.



      07/28/20 at 2:49 PM

      Thanks so much for your kind words.
      I completed the process in October 2018, I have found that HP is always there for me even if I don’t know it at the time. I find that the benefits grow over time. Perhaps I’ll meet you at connecting cafe?

  • Freddie


    07/27/20 at 10:26 AM

    Great Blog! Perfect message for these times –at least for me. thank you!



      07/28/20 at 1:49 PM

      Thanks so much

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