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By Shawn McAndrew

Feeling InvigoratedInvigorated is not a word I hear very often. It evokes images of people getting buzzed from drinking coffee, taking part in vigorous exercise, or jumping into a pool of cold water. All things that I don’t really do. So, how do I get invigorated?

Hoffman Tools

This past week has been a dull, downward spiraling week. Too many negative things happening, and I could feel the contraction going on in my body as I tried to ward off dark side messages. This is life. The difference is that I have awareness, and I have tools – Hoffman tools.

Quadrinity Check-In – check. Gratitude list – check. Self-forgiveness/self-love walk – check. Self-appreciation – check. Appreciation for others – check. Recycle patterns – check. Still feeling down – check.

Sometimes things linger. I just had to feel what was going on. Wallowing in muck is sometimes necessary to appreciate the shiny world when I rise up from that muck.

Listening to Spirit

As I was walking in nature a couple days ago, I could hear my spirit telling me to throw off the muck. Well, I thought I had done that. But I listened to her, and visualized tossing a shroud of muck off into the trees, to be reconstituted and composted into good energy.

It was amazing how my perspective shifted after that little imagined exercise. The things that were worrying me and bringing me down seemed teeny tiny. Why had I let them suck me into that hole? As I said, it’s life.

Feeling Invigorated

The important thing is how long we allow ourselves to stay in the hole and what we learn from being in the hole when we rise out of it. This is invigorating. It is energy-inducing. It is expansive! We can get a fresh perspective from this restored and invigorated place.

Find a way to let go of those things that constrict and keep you low. If one tool doesn’t work, use another, and another, until you feel a shift. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over many years post-Process, it’s that sometimes we don’t feel a shift until we feel the feelings. It’s a way to help us understand what’s going on and come to appreciate life when we get to the other side of the muck. Then we can appreciate feeling invigorated!

  • Gail Bernoff


    06/07/21 at 9:31 AM

    Had similar experience a few weeks ago. I feel so alive and invigorated!

    • Shawn


      06/07/21 at 1:51 PM

      Yay, Gail!

  • Scheer Kevin


    06/07/21 at 6:29 AM

    Spot on! Very timely! Super grateful for the Hoffman Process!

    • Shawn


      06/07/21 at 9:06 AM

      Thanks, Kevin.

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