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every day is heart dayToday is heart day, Valentine’s Day. The day for love and romance. If that’s what you have going on, great. If not, the day is not an indictment of your lovability. Because, if we want, every day is heart day.

Every Day Is a Day for Love

Someone recently asked me what Valentine’s Day means to me. I said, “Meh.” Mostly, to me, it’s just another day. My feeling is that every day is a day for love. But the hype around this day is a good reminder to connect with our hearts and let love come to the forefront. It is not a day to beat up ourselves or let our Dark Sides control the conversation.

Recognition and celebration of St. Valentine have been around for centuries. This holiday has evolved from conferring sainthood on a Christian martyr to celebrating romance for the masses in most societies around the world. Billions of dollars are spent each year by people as a way to show affection toward their loved ones.

Finding True Love for Self and Others

One of the main purposes of the Hoffman Process is to help people come back to love. Though we start off the week talking about the Negative Love Syndrome, we end the week by finding true love for self and others. The emphasis here is finding true love for self. Without love for self, it is difficult to open one’s heart to love from others.

This Valentine’s Day – heart day – find a little romance for your self. Remember why you are love, loving, and lovable. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I see you and I love you.” Then go out and say that to the rest of the world. Find ways to let that love flow and seep back into the fiber of humanity. We all need it right now.

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