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By Julie Daley

Our mission is to provide people greater access to the wisdom and power of love in themselves, in each other, and in the world.” Liza and Raz Ingrasci

You’ll hear these words spoken by Liza and Raz Ingrasci at the tail end of each of our new podcast episodes. What a beautiful and powerful mission statement. Can you imagine anything we need to embody more in the world right now than the wisdom and power of love? We are facing multiple crises that are testing us as human beings. We clearly must learn to listen to each other, to care for each other, to watch out for each other, to do what we can to make life easier for each other.

When I first heard these words from Liza and Raz, I thought back to my time at the Process. I wondered how I came to have greater access to both love’s power and wisdom by doing the Process.


It was love that empowered my willingness and ability to do the deep work, to face the Dark Side, and to stay with myself all the way through. When I had to dig deep, which I did more than once, I found a strength within my own depths and I also witnessed it in my Process mates. There were times when another student would clearly show me this strength, often unbeknownst to them. These were times of great vulnerability and courage.

Wisdom, though, is the word that really stands out for me. When you come to embody your Spiritual Self, something begins to guide your choices and flow through your actions.

When I think back to my Process and to the arc of the Process itself, there is clearly a greater wisdom in how it works and in what actually transpires there. But for that to happen, I had to let go into the Process itself. I had to drop my judgment. I had to be willing. There is no way I could have anticipated what lay in store for me over that week. What happened for me at the Process happened because of my willingness to be teachable and to engage vulnerably.


It is love’s wisdom that brings forth the transformation that happens when you surrender to the Process itself and to the wisdom of your Spiritual Self. So, how does this “personal transformation” apply to life and to the crises we are currently facing? Well, we can’t bring about lasting change unless we are willing to trust in something greater than our intellect’s capacity to make change. This is where the wisdom of love is needed, a deeper kind of intelligence that comes from our spiritual selves. When we access the wisdom and power of love in ourselves, we change. When we do this together, the world can’t help but heal.

Hoffman Process has supported people in accessing love’s wisdom and power for over 50 years. Right now, it’s what the world needs.


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Top photo by Faye Cornish


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