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By Paula Jones

spiritual supportSome people can quiet the chatter in their heads quickly in order to tap into their own intuition. Some people pray and feel that their prayers have been heard and answered by signs from above. Some are able to chat with their own spirit guide on a whim. Some spiritually gifted people claim they can talk to the angels. However, some people don’t experience their spirit guide as being “on call.” So how do those of us who feel less spiritually connected create a better connection to our spirit?

Clear Out the Patterns

First, we need to clear out the patterns that block that connection. Patterns such as not having prayers answered, or explanations of how the world works don’t answer important questions or resonate within us. We may assume that anything religious or spiritual doesn’t work for us and we have long since given up the hope that there are spiritual resources for us. If we identify our underlying belief or misperceptions about spirituality we may be able to give the subject another look.

A connection with spirit is to remind you of whom you really are: a perfect light being. When you are in touch with your spirit, you are feeling the loving presence of someone or something more powerful than yourself. There is a sense of peace, eternal happiness, and luminous joy – even in the midst of difficult times.

Once we are open to the idea that developing a spiritual practice and creating a spiritual support system will get us in touch with a very positive force, how do we proceed?

Developing a Spiritual Support System

For some, listening to, singing, or playing music can connect us to our spirit. Meditation, dance, yoga, running, and exercise can be a spiritual practice. One Process graduate described beginning her day with a run, regardless of the weather. “There are no distractions to keep me from hearing the wind in the trees, feeling the breeze on my skin, noticing the contours of the earth, appreciating the sun, clouds and green – it’s meditation in movement,” she says.

Creating a physical space in your home to be free of distractions can be as simple as designating a chair in your bedroom as a place to sit in silence each day. Writing can also be a good way to connect with spirit. Journaling can help quiet the chatter running through your head and bring clarity.

Spending time in nature often feels like a spiritually connected place for many people. Another Process graduate says, “Nature provides me with unconditional love. When I step into the woods, I can be assured a sense of serenity as well as a perspective of my place in the universe. I feel deeply connected to the trees, streams and lakes, and the wildlife. It is both humbling and awe-inspiring.”

Connecting with Spirit

Here is a quick Hoffman guide to help you connect with spirit:

  • Do a dark side fling
  • Cover yourself in light
  • See your spiritual self exactly as you are right now, shining, in front of you
  • See, hear, or feel any messages your spirit has for you today
  • If the messages are unclear or vague, ask your spiritual self, “What do you mean by that?”

Whenever connecting to your spirit, a good rule of thumb is “the first thought is the best thought,” i.e., don’t second-guess your message. Think of the meaning or qualities your message has if you don’t understand it at first. For example, if you get “stapler” think of the qualities a stapler has – strong, useful, binding, efficient, and helpful. See how you may embody those qualities at this time.

For a routine starter, check out the “Messages from Your Spiritual Self, Spirit Guide & High Spiritual Teacher” worksheet found here.

(Originally published on Hoffman’s Tumblr page, June, 2013)

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