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Katy Perry on Her Career, Meeting the Pope, and Protecting Her Relationship With Orlando Bloom

By Derek Blasberg. Publication: VOGUE AUSTRALIA, August 2018 Superstar Katy Perry took time out of her world tour to chat with her good friend Derek Blasberg about love, life on the road and learning to better deal with fame. Here, read the full cover story from Vogue Australia's August 2018 issue. It’s exactly 3pm and [...]

What’s Next for Toms, the $400 Million For-Profit Built on Karmic Capital

Blake Mycoskie, surrounded by the next generation of Toms shoes, at his company's headquarters in Playa Vista, California. Blake Mycoskie is the most relaxed intense person you will ever meet. Two days after this year's Academy Awards, Mycoskie sits in his world-bazaar-flavored office, one leg hooked over the arm of a chair, sipping sparkling water [...]

Billy Bush Breaks His Silence on Trump, the ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape, NBC, and a Comeback Plan

Billy Bush was on the tarmac at New York’s JFK International Airport waiting to take off for Los Angeles when his world imploded. It was Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, and an 11-year-old tape of a lewd conversation with Donald Trump — in which the then-Apprentice star could be heard bragging about sexually assaulting women with […]

British Film Star Naomie Harris Talks About Hoffman in Net-A-Porter Magazine

Publication: Net-a-Porter magazine, April 20, 2018 I’m desperate to know what’s written on Naomie Harris’s T-shirt, but can only read the letters ‘AN – IS – RD’ because she’s wearing a jacket on top. It’s probably a powerful feminist statement, for Harris certainly comes across as one of Hollywood’s more engaged actresses. She famously asked […]

NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Shares About His Hoffman Essentials Experience

Le Batard & Friends Network Dan and Aaron Rodgers talk about self-love, breathing techniques and Rodgers’ incredible football memory.

Jen Atkin on ‘Blowing My Way to the Top’ + the Importance of Authenticity

The celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur talks to GRAZIA about her new book and the importance of taking care of one’s mental health in the COVID-19 era YouTube/@Jen Atkin Wednesday, December 9, 2020, 6 pm E.T.:Jen Atkin and I were on a Zoom call when her social media manager alerted her that Cindy Crawford posted a […]

Glamour Columnist and Hair Stylist to the Stars Jen Atkin Shares Her Self-Care Tips to Get Us Through Lockdown

Time to prioritise your self-care. BY JEN ATKIN 2 MARCH 2021 After 12 months of on-off lock downs and non-stop social distancing, the end is (hopefully) in sight. We can almost taste the promised freedom of summer months ahead – the beer gardens, the warmth of the sun, the happiness and hugs. All we have […]

Katy Perry Credits ‘Hoffman Process’ Therapy for Getting Her Motherhood-Ready

PARENTS By Al Donato 08/06/2020 09:30pm EDT Katy Perry will soon become a mother — and it’s all thanks to getting mental health help at a $5,350 week-long retreat. In an August cover story for People, the singer — who is expecting her first child with actor Orlando Bloom any day now — revealed that […]

Porter Magazine: Sienna Miller Stops the Noise!

EXCERPT FROM AN ARTICLE IN Porter Magazine There is a curious look in her eye, like an impatient child bursting to say something. “Like someone who’s done the Hoffman” she says, triumphantly, referring to the controversial intensive one-week in-person retreat therapy course. “That’s literally why I’m like blahblahblah.” For someone so burnt by press intrusion, […]

The Midlife Tuneup

By Tara Parker-PopeIllustrations by Kim Murton Our health needs change with every passing decade, but the good news is that it’s never too late to start taking better care of yourself. Whether you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond, the Well Midlife Tuneup will put you on a healthier path to improving your […]

The Challenge of Finding Love Without a Father

With the launch of summer's must-see blockbuster, Wonder Woman, one writer finds her inner superhero to face the turmoil of growing up without a dad. BY TARA ELLISON JUN 2, 2017 When I was turning nine, in a nod to my childhood obsession, I chose to be Wonder Woman for my fancy-dress-themed birthday party. My [...]

7 Days to Change a Lifetime

MENTAL HEALTH The Hoffman Process: Seven days to change a lifetime For much of modernity, a code of omertà stopped us talking about mental health. We were men raised to suffer in silence. Thankfully, times are changing, and in this candid account, GQ's Editor opens up to the groundbreaking Hoffman Process and reveals the life-altering [...]


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