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By Shawn McAndrew

emotional freedomAs early summer rolls around, we are reminded of freedom in relation to hard-fought wars. But what about the freedom within, our emotional freedom? How do we conquer the wars we wage in our personal lives – the ones about relationships, weight, or finances? The list of possibilities are endless, but how we find peace has something to do with gaining emotional freedom.

Battles Can Turn Into Wars

In the Process, you learn how to identify and break down the things that are keeping you stuck in an unhappy and painful place – “The boss doesn’t appreciate me.” “I can never seem to get ahead financially.” “I can’t seem to move past the argument I had with my partner.” “I’ll never lose this weight!” Do these sound familiar? These battles may start to take on a life of their own and, before you know it, you’re in a vicious cycle. And there’s the war!

Tools of Emotional Freedom

Conflict, war, battle, whatever you may call it, doesn’t have to last forever or take on a life of its own. In the Process, you identify the patterns that are running your life. You then dismantle them and learn new, positive behaviors and coping methods. In the classroom you battled what you learned from your parents, and re-learned how to have compassion and forgiveness for Mom and Dad. Now, with the awareness and tools you gained, you can turn that spotlight on your life and have compassion and forgiveness for your self. No matter the battle, no matter the conflict, sit down with your thoughts and struggles and do some good old-fashioned tools work: Quadrinity Check-in, Recycling, Elevators, etc.

If you click on the tools above, you’ll be taken to the web page to access these tools. But what do they do?

Quadrinity Check-in
You learned this tool in the Process as way to help you get in touch with the four aspects of your self: Intellect, Emotional Self, Body, and Spirit. As you check in with each aspect, you will become aware of what each is feeling, thinking, wanting. This knowledge will help you get re-centered and more aware of what you need.

Recycling is used to gain access to new behavior. Once you are aware of what you are thinking, feeling, and needing, you can identify patterns that are operating to keep you from your best self, de-energize them through recycling, and learn new behavior and ways to respond instead of react.

If you are having trouble identifying what patterns are at work, you can use the Elevator tool. This handy method is useful for gaining a deeper understanding of the underlying patterns, which you can then de-energize using the Recycling tool.

Let Your True Self Shine

In order to experience emotional freedom, you have to be completely honest with yourself. Tell the truth about what is not working for you, and uncover what is holding you back. Using any of the above tools will help you stay honest. Allow your essence, your true self, to shine forth – the brilliant diamond that is always there, always you.

As Bob Hoffman said, “Once the layers of negative programming are peeled away, you can truly live in the present with freedom, love, and peace.”

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  • Sandra Hardy


    07/23/16 at 1:12 AM

    My experience (of the process) entirely. My question is how do I get my 25 year old son, who is so ripe for the process to engage when his first contact with Hoffman post my process was seriously disappointing and not at all a true reflection of the benefits of the process. We want our diamond back, suggestions please to help him stop the self sabotage and be reborn as the wonderful person we (but not he) know he is. Many thanks.

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