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Be part of our first-ever Hoffman Virtual Conference:

Embodying the Spirit of Change, April 1st – 3rd, 2021!

hoffman virtual conference

We hope you attend the conference (information on that below), and we want to hear directly from YOU, our Hoffman Community!

How have you Embodied the Spirit of Change in your life? Whether big, small, subtle, or profound – how has participating in a Hoffman course changed you?

We’d love to have you share your story of change with us in a video – a Video of Change. To share your change, film yourself with your phone answering the following prompts in this sequence:

My name is _________. 

I did the Process or Hoffman Essentials (specify which) in ___________________. 

Before Hoffman, I felt _____________________________________. 

What brought me to Hoffman was ______________________________.  

And now, the change I feel is___________________________________________.

We will be compiling the Videos of Change to kick-off the start of the conference. 

Video requirements:

  • Landscape (horizontal) capture.
  • Be close-up (shoulders to the top of head) and well-lit from the front.
  • Maximum 60-second length. (Please limit your responses to 60 seconds. We know it’s hard to describe something this big, but please be as succinct as possible.)

Please submit your 60-second phone video by uploading here to our site. Your video submission will signify your agreement to the below release. 


By submitting your video, you agree to the following statement: “By submitting my video for the Hoffman virtual conference, I hereby grant permission to the Hoffman Institute Foundation to repurpose, reproduce, and share my video.”

About the Conference:

The human spirit is hardwired for change and transformation—it knows how to navigate through challenging times with resilience, passion, and purpose. In this three-day virtual conference, Hoffman teachers and honored guests will share conversations, teachings, and experiences. These will support you in embodying the spirit of change within yourself so that you can navigate transformative times from a place of presence, purpose, and power.

Throughout the three-day conference you’ll:

  • Engage with leading-edge change agents and connect with a like-minded community.
  • Experience the wisdom of your authentic self and embody the resilience of your spirit.
  • Understand how you contribute to collective change in your everyday life.
  • Discover tools and practices that will support you in navigating change during challenging times.

For more information, and to register click here.

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