Excerpt from an article in Porter Magazine

“There is a curious look in her eye, like an impatient child bursting to say something. “Like someone who’s done the Hoffman” she says, triumphantly, referring to the controversial intensive one-week in-person retreat therapy course. “That’s literally why I’m like blahblahblah.”

For someone so burnt by press intrusion, the admission feels shockingly honest. But perhaps it’s her way, a clever one, of controlling personal information. What was it like? “F****** amazing. It’s terrifying but extraordinary. It’s 10 years of therapy in a week. It takes a while to settle. What Hoffman does is analyse who you can trace your patterns back to either parents or surrogates then you kind of let go and examine who you would have been if you hadn’t taken on all these negative traits. There’s an immense amount of space in my head and there’s no fucking noise in it for the first time. All that noise has just gone.”

The Hoffman Process is well-known to be emotionally brutal, not something undertaken lightly. Advocates swear it changes their life, others that the method is too harsh. Why did she do it? “I just got to a point where I just felt.. I didn’t understand what I was, I couldn’t dig myself out, I couldn’t make decisions, I felt pretty assaulted by life and not in control.”

“I think as you get older you have to really cultivate your mind and have a deep understanding of self, otherwise you just become lonely and isolated and unsatisfied and unfulfilled and however your perfect little life looks on paper, there will be a sense of unfulfillment if you haven’t explored the nature and the very depths of who you are…”