Hoffman Community & Groups

Many graduates find that being with others in a like-minded Hoffman community provides them with the support to work with their tools and to share and deepen their Process experiences.

The Hoffman Institute offers graduate groups in various communities around the country, and each one is led by a Hoffman-trained graduate facilitator, with materials and programs provided by the Institute.

Hoffman graduate reunions are generally for graduates of a particular class who want to reconnect with each other and do some Process work with tools and practices.

Whether you plan to gather with others from your Process for a one-time experience or see what a facilitated graduate group is like, these links will help you explore the importance of community and connection.

Graduate Groups – Check out the Graduate Groups list if you want to meet other graduates in your area and practice your Hoffman tools with others. If you don’t find a group in your area, please contact us to inquire about creating one.

Graduate Reunions – Want to arrange a live reunion or a reunion call with your Process classmates? We have resources to get you started and enjoy reconnecting with your classmates. See what’s available to you.

Please join us on Social Media for a broader experience – get course info, inspiring quotes, and connection to the Hoffman community on Hoffman’s Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

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