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It is with big gratitude and full hearts that we announce the winner of
the Second Annual Hoffman Mandala Contest!

Lia May-Byrd came in first place!


By Freddie Camozzi


It was a knuckle-biting, rabble-rousing, fun-filled judging exercise by the Hoffman San Rafael staff! We were all amazed and in jaw-dropping awe of each fabulous mandala submission.

We had over 30 entrants and each one carried with it the essence of personal experience and representation of the Process. The love and appreciation to participate in the contest was palpable in the emails received from each grad. We all understand how magical the Process is, but to see it represented in art form is really quite special.


We intend to make a calendar, as we did last year, with the 13 top contenders (12 months plus the cover), hopefully printed by early fall – it not only makes a great gift, but also serves as a reminder of one’s own personal Hoffman experience. (We may have a few of the 2020 calendars left, so if you’re interested in receiving one, please email Freddie@hoffmaninstitute.org.)

Again, big thanks for your continued participation in the Hoffman graduate community.

We See You and We Love You, All!

  • Cate Hawthorne


    03/18/20 at 5:33 AM

    So beautiful. It Visually portrays what we achieve through the Process, visually portrays what we achieve through the Process.
    Thank you

  • John


    03/09/20 at 7:14 AM

    Yeah Lia!
    Graduation Class of September 6-13, 2019.

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