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Volker Krohn Hoffman PodcastWonder why the Hoffman Process works so well on many levels? Listen in as Volker Krohn, psychotherapist, Director of Hoffman Centre Australia/Singapore, and Director of Hoffman International shares his experience of and insights into the Process. Born in Germany, Volker found his way to Australia after spending a short time in the United States. In the late ’80s, he attended the second Process ever held in Byron Bay, New South Wales. Bob Hoffman was his Process teacher as well as his Process teacher trainer.

In this conversation between Volker and Drew, we learn some fascinating things about the Process. Volker reminds us that the Hoffman Process is a psycho-spiritual process. As such, it supports the integration of the psychological and spiritual natures within us. With a background as a psychologist as well as his studies in spirituality, Volker shares his sense of what happens underneath the surface of the Process.

Through his experience of decades of teaching the Process, Volker speaks to the heart of what the Process does. He says the Process helps each of us come to live in accordance with the intrinsic values of our hearts. He goes on to add that we aren’t our thinking and we’re not our feelings, rather these are aspects of our ego structure. Ultimately, the Process helps us come back into Presence and back into peace with ourselves. Volker beautifully encapsulates the Process as one that re-initiates us into our own humanity and into the family of humanity.

Settle in for this beautiful conversation. Be prepared to come away with a deeper sense of your place in the family of humanity.

More about Volker Krohn:

Volker Krohn is an accomplished psychotherapist and has been the director of the Hoffman Centre Australia/Singapore since 1991. He is also the director of Hoffman International. He was personally trained by Robert Hoffman in the late 1980s and is a senior supervising facilitator of the Process.

Volker’s extensive professional background includes Family Therapy, Self-Psychology, and Creative Arts Therapy as well as organizational development. He also speaks and writes widely on emotional healing, re-education, and spiritual renewal, through the exploration of early childhood conditioning. Volker is passionate about helping people to improve their emotional and spiritual intelligence and has inspired thousands of Hoffman graduates in Australia and worldwide to live from a place of self-acceptance and gratitude claiming compassionate leadership in their life.

As mentioned in this episode:

The Arakwal and Bundialung Nation:
Hoffman Centre Australia’s retreat site is part of the Arakwal national park. The Arakwal are part of the Bundialung Nation.

Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
The lyrics that Volker mentions:
Teach your children well
Their father’s hell did slowly go byAnd feed them on your dreamsThe one they pick’s the one you’ll know by
Read the full lyrics here and listen on YouTube.

Two Spiritual Paths:
The Yana Path – the path of understanding. For instance, Zen Buddhism follows the Yana path.
The Bhakti Path – the path of devotion. For instance, Sufism follows the Bhakti path through prayer, dancing

The Enneagram:
3 basic human instinctual drives, Claudio Naranjo, and the 27 Enneagram sub-types.

How climate change is affecting us:
Climate Anxiety and Climate Depression

University of California research on the Hoffman Process:
Several different scientific research studies have been conducted about the Process – on the methodology and its aftereffects. One of the most significant studies was done by Professors Michael R. Levenson and Carolyn M. Aldwin, of the University of California, Davis. Their three-year, grant-funded research study shows that Hoffman Process participants experienced lasting significant reductions in depression, anxiety, and obsessive/compulsive tendencies, coupled with lasting significant increases in emotional intelligence, life satisfaction, compassion, vitality, and forgiveness. Further information on the study can be found on our website here, downloaded here, and in the Nov/ Dec 2006 issue of the scientific peer review journal, EXPLORE, The Journal of Science and Healing. A worldwide search of the research literature shows no other treatments or interventions that produce lasting, significant reductions in negative effects while simultaneously producing such increases in positive effects.