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Tim LaurenceTim Laurence, Hoffman teacher and author, did the Process in 1989 with Bob Hoffman as his teacher. Tim’s journey to finding and completing the Hoffman Process is a fascinating story.

As a child, Tim was very curious. As a young adult, he traveled the world looking to learn from both the East and the West. The burning questions within him were, “How does this system work? How are we as human or spiritual beings meant to look at it? Am I missing something?”

Eventually, after years of travel and inquiry, life led Tim to the Hoffman Process. “It wasn’t just a vale of tears, it was also a hill of laughter.” is one way Tim describes his time during the Process, reflecting the profound rage of human emotions we get to experience thru the Process.

Six years later, after being trained by Bob to be a Hoffman teacher himself, Tim co-founded Hoffman Institute UK.

Tim shares stories about what Bob was like, and how the whole of who he was shines a light on how we are as human beings. He tells stories about the earlier times of the Hoffman Process when Bob still played an active role in ‘bringing peace to the world one person at a time.’ And, Tim offers insights into the different ways people from around the world approach doing the Process, including a difference he sees between people from the U.S. and Britain.

More About Tim Laurence:

Tim Laurence is the Founder of Hoffman Institute UK and former Chairman of Hoffman International. Tim is also the author of The Hoffman Process: The World-Famous Technique That Empowers You to Forgive Your Past, Heal Your Present, and Transform Your Future.

Bob Hoffman in Wales

Photo of Bob by Tim

As Mentioned in This Episode:

Bob Hoffman

Tim shares about the time he traveled to Wales with Bob after they finished teaching a Process. This was when the Hoffman Process was still called the Quadrinity Process. Listen in to hear what Bob considered calling the Process instead.


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