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Cara Jones Story CoachIn today’s episode, Cara Jones shares her powerful life story. Cara is a filmmaker, former Emmy Award-Winning journalist, and a story coach. She grew up in the Unification Church, often referred to as the ‘Moonies’, and adopted this spiritual belief system.

Cara’s real journey began when she left this religious movement. As she did, everything she’d been taught and had come to believe in about the world fell out from under her. In completing the Hoffman Process, Cara found great healing. She came to see that, “You can’t be haunted by a ghost you know.” Listen in as Cara shares about finding her own inner messiah, healing her relationship with her family, and the freedom that comes when you own your story.

Cara Jones’ Work In the World

After completing the Process, Cara was able to finally tell her story to the world in her feature-length film, Blessed Child. Cara’s film production company, Storytellers for Good, produced this personal journey documentary.

The seven-year journey of making the film inspires her current coaching work helping entrepreneurs untether their voices and get visible with their stories and bold messages. She works with people to guide them to own their stories. She invites you to “own your story so your story doesn’t own you.”

Cara is also a MOTH story slam winner. Her writing has been featured in the Washington Post, HuffPo, and the Boston Globe.

You can find out more about Cara here or follow her on Instagram.