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Emmanuel Fortune grew up in the Little Haiti community of Miami Florida, a child of Haitian immigrants. His family was 12 – a single mom and 11 siblings (including him). He learned to work hard and to do whatever was needed to help his family. Listen in as Emmanuel shares stories of what this was like and how it impacted his childhood and adolescent years.

During a particular moment in his Process, Emmanuel could feel a breakthrough was possible. He stayed with himself as that moment unfolded into a profound understanding and deep healing took place. By transforming patterns deeply rooted since childhood, Emmanuel’s vision for his life and his professional path is blossoming. His story reflects the power of the Process to create real change within ourselves and in our lives.

Emmanuel completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida. He completed his graduate studies at Stanford University. He is a lifelong educator with a belief in people’s ability to learn and grow. As you listen to this episode, you will see Emmanuel, himself, is a beautiful example of this.

Emmanuel’s professional career spans time working in education, the social sector, management consulting, and most recently six years in philanthropy. He is passionate about economic justice. An educator at heart, his vision is to pursue a Ph.D. He plans to study a business-related discipline to research its relationship to justice and social change.

Emmanuel Fortune is a family man, in all its forms. A giving and compassionate man, Emmanuel knows the power of the heart. He sees the wisdom that lies within each of us.

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