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Karen DeGannesKaren DeGannes came to the Process when she realized she was not showing up for her life. She discovered just how capable she is of showing up after taking the Process when she faced serious life health challenges. Karen discovered a quiet, gentle, persistent life force within herself that when surrendered, supported her to meet her most difficult life moments.

Karen’s story is one of learning to take responsibility for one’s life with a gentle and persistent resilience. Prior to the Process, she had lost touch with religion and spirituality. During the Process, Karen was reunited with her Spiritual Self. She realized that Spirit had never left her; instead, she had turned away from her Spiritual Self.

More about Karen Degannes

Karen is most passionate about resilient and adaptive infrastructure business models that center communities while sustaining and regenerating ecological and just socioeconomic systems. She works as a natural resource and environmental scientist; an organizational sociologist; an energy, climate, and environmental justice expert; a strategist, innovator, and trusted advisor to corporations, communities, and governments; and an entrepreneur.

Karen treasures her deepening self-awareness and understanding of what it means to be alive as a human being. After surviving a grave illness, and in this age of the Covid-19 pandemic and social, economic, and ecological crises, she prizes her new-found courage to show up authentically and to have a voice in socially difficult spaces. Karen is passionate about creating concrete, innovative, implementable, and scalable solutions to our most exciting challenges. To do so, she says we must develop operational solutions that jointly center people, communities, and ecosystems.

An aspiring meditator, Karen loves to read and write poetry. She’s a connoisseur of art and long walks in nature. She is now reacquainting with her love of photography, dance, and laughter.