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ben smith-petersenStuntman, Ben Smith-Petersen, was originally a circus performer and flying trapeze teacher. Ben got his start in the stunt world after meeting a stunt coordinator who brought his children in to learn flying trapeze.

In this episode, Ben shares vulnerably and beautifully about his time at the Process. Specifically, he talks about the moment when he was holding his ‘baby me.’ It was a moment of magical realization for Ben. He says in this realization within himself, that he is the one cared for and also the carer. “It’s like this real feeling of ‘You’ve got this. You have it all here to handle anything.'”

Ben also shares about the healing he has experienced in relationships in general. He shares with us a bit about the stunt world and what it is like to be a stuntman. There is a real camaraderie in the stunt world and Ben shares how his Process work has already helped him draw closer to these colleagues.

More about Ben Smith-Petersen

Ben is originally from Australia and has been in the U.S. for the last seven years. He moved to the states after meeting his wife, Riley, on a film in South Africa. Follow Ben on Instagram.