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Katie Salvage Hoffman ProcessKatie Salvage has always had a sense of urgency around wanting to impact change on this planet, and she believes, “the best way I can do that is by working with teens.”

In this intimate and revealing episode, Katie talks about her powerful work helping teens find healthy ways to deal with their emotions as well as stories of personal challenges she’s faced in her life.

The oldest of seven children, Katie learned early on many of the lessons she would carry throughout her life: responsibility, compassion, street smarts, and taking care of those you love.

Katie graduated from the Hoffman process 12 years ago and currently resides in the Bay Area, California. As a facilitator for Challenge Day, Katie helps thousands of teenagers and adults practice healthy ways to deal with their emotions utilizing the tools and experiences from her time at Hoffman. In addition to facilitating the Challenge Day workshop, Katie works as a coach, as well as the Director of Training and Programming.