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Lindsay Meyer The Hoffman ProcessLindsay is a 2-time entrepreneur, former venture capital analyst, ex-biotechie, and a 2017 TIME Person of the Year. Listen in as Lindsay shares with us some of the profound realizations that occurred for her during her Process, including the life-changing messages she received through dialoguing with her birth parents.

Linsday shares real-life examples of how when one is serious about change and does the work, deep change can happen. Since her Process in December 2019, she has witnessed changes in her thinking, her behavior, and in her choices. Others have noticed the changes in her and have wondered if they are a result of Hoffman. Lindsay tells them, Yes.

Lindsay is originally from Minneapolis by way of adoption from South Korea. She has spent the last 12 years living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lindsay is an alum of the University of Notre Dame, a doting dog mother, an enthusiastic home chef, and an urban floral forager. You can find out more about Lindsay here.